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Moving Companies Pretoria is owned and operated by Pierre magic Transport Furniture Removals. We do furniture removals, household removals and office furniture removals across South Africa. We are based in Pretoria and offer GREAT service!

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Welcome to Moving Companies Pretoria

Moving Companies Pretoria ( Pierre Magic Transport) has been servicing South Africa for the past 6 years. We take pride in offering services to our clients that meets each individuals needs, may this be part loads, big loads or small loads to anywhere and from anywhere in South Africa. Moving houses?

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Mission & Vision
Pierre Magic Transport was established in 2008 and has been providing furniture removals across Africa, since then. Our staff are trained to provide a friendly, professional service. We strive for perfection and keep integrity as our main virtue.

"My mission is to provide my customers with courteous, affordable, quality trucking together with exceptional customer service, which is the heart of our business."

"We are commited to growing a more successful trucking company, enpowering the people of South Africa." - Pierre Jansen MD

Planning your furniture removal:

As we all know, moving houses can be a very stressful encounter, but it isn't necessary like this, if proper planning is made and sufficient time is given for the furniture removal /transport company to pack and prepare your removal. Therefore we at Pierre Magic Transport, strive to give the best possible tips to future clients.
If you are planning to move, first things first needs to be done strategically.

  • You as the client must find a furniture removal company and request what services they do deliver and what services are needed from you as the client.
  • You as the client must request a quote at-least 30 days in advance, stating full service required and non full service required, therefore you as the client will receive a quote where packaging prices are included and non packaging prices are include.
  • Now, this will give you as the client sufficient time to decide if you will pack your household goods yourself into protective material or not. A client deciding on packing him/herself needs atleast 20 days to do it proper and in the amount of time that is available. Necessary packaging material is acquired from packaging companies and can be collected by supermarkets as well, therefore preparing your furniture removal with quality packaging material, ensuring the safety of your household goods.
  • A client must always take note, the more items packed in a box, the more prone it is for breakages, therefore, rather pay another R15 for a box, than have losses of R500.00. A client also needs to take into account, the method of bubble-wrapping, a double layer of bubble-wrap, gives you more protection, therefore ensuring you a better chance in having a no-breakage move.

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