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We specialise in moving house & office furniture. Our team consists of trained pickers and packers on all our moving trucks, and friendly motivated staff handling your inquiries. We offer furniture removal services throughout Gauteng and beyond.
  • Residential Moves
  • Corporate Moves
  • Small Business Relocation
  • Furniture Removal
  • Packing, Crating and Loading
  • On-time Delivery & Storage
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Office & Home Furniture Removals

At Moving Companies Pretoria we acknowledge that living costs in South- Africa is on the rise, therefore we try our best to make furniture removals affordable to our clients. If you as a possible client do receive a better-priced quote, please make contact with us, so we can analyse our vehicle routes and inform you if we can beat the written quote.
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The Pretoria Moving Company
Provides Stress-Free Relocation
for Home or Office

The Pretoria Moving Company specializes in office, residential and corporate moving in the Gauteng vicinity. We know that moving can be a stressful time and we work hard to ensure a seamless move whether it is across town or from coast to coast.
Moving can be a daunting task, even for those that make frequent moves. Coordinating the relocation of an entire household takes careful planning and time to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Most people also want to keep the cost down while at the same time hire professionals that will provide quality services.
The Pretoria Moving Company offers cost-effective moving and storage services for customers that are guaranteed to be provided only from safe and secure movers that will take special care of all of your property and deliver on time.
Moving means the coordination of many things including the relocation of your property as well as numerous other things such as packing, cleaning, and even storage of furniture, automobiles, and other property.

Ready to Move?

When you are ready to schedule your home or office for fast and affordable relocation, fill out the free quote request form or give one of our professional team members a call for a hassle free, cost effective quote.

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Professional Moving Services At The Lowest Rates In The Industry

Your one-stop furniture removal company in Pretoria

The Pretoria Moving Company takes the stress out of a move and helps you free up your valuable time to focus on other important areas of your life. Relocation means that you will need to take time to have utilities connected, get to know your new neighborhood and city, and get plans for work, school, and other life situations are taken care of.
You will also need the time to have utilities at your old home or office turned off, make sure everything is carefully packed and the space has been cleaned once everything has been moved out.
The professional movers that we work with can get your personal and corporate belongings to the new location quickly and with hassle-free services. Best of all, the rates are guaranteed to be the lowest in the moving industry with the highest quality available to all customers.

Making Furniture
Removal Affordable

Please feel free to email us any written quotes that are better priced than ours, we will contact our control center, analyse our vehicle routes, and let you know if we can offer a better price.

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